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What is 'Online' Article Marketing?

According to, Article marketing is, "In its simplest form article marketing is a form of advertising where a business owner writes short articles related to their field of business ..."

The WikiPedia definition of article marketing is the broad and simple definition of the niche itself. However, it is not as simple as it is with its definition. It can be a very powerful tool in the Online Advertising market but it maybe the most unsuccessful and costly means of online advertising and SEO if not executed well.

The basic of article marketing.

Basics of article marketing starts from writing short quality and informative articles (500 to 1000 words) and submitting these articles to "Article Directories". Quality and informative means: NO PROMOTIONS and NO SPAM. If you are into selling Shells online you do not write articles about your website just like writing a Press Release, instead write something about shells in general and be sure to write something that interests the many.

What are Article Directories?

These are websites that hosts submitted articles from registered authors. These sites often have human editors to review submissions. Each have their own guidelines and terms of use. Be sure to read these guidelines and terms before even trying to submit an article.


By definition article distribution is the act of submitting your articles to various destinations including but not limited to sites, email groups and non-article sites accepting special and specific topics.

You might have learned already the basics of article marketing. However, there will be a point when you get so burned out with submitting to several article directories and websites manually by hand.

This is where you must know what are distribution service providers. Article distribution services are websites or companies that offer article marketing an extra hand in distributing your articles to as many places as it can be accepted.

Each distribution service provider has a network of websites or directories ready to accept content.

Examples of distribution services are:,,, and a whole lot more (Just Google it!).


Writing and distributing your articles is not enough. Never just be contented in a short article without even trying to optimize it.

Optimization means writing in such a way that your target keywords are specifically visible in the article without even sacrificing the quality.

Be very careful in optimizing, it could turn your well-written article to SPAM if you over optimize it.

Methods of optimizing your articles

Here a few recommended methods of optimizing your articles.

  1. Mention your main keyword in the title. If possible the title should start with the keyword.

  2. Do not flood the body with your keyword and DO NOT write for the search engine. Write for the user. If you write without thinking of the search engine you'll be writing well-written articles but still having your main keywords in the body, WHY? Because your topic is your keyword!

  3. Anchor texts in the "about the author" or resource boxes. Be sure to include your keyword in the anchor texts of your links inside your resource box. Now, some sites will not allow anchor text links. It is ok, just try to include your keywords in your short resource box.


Article marketing if done well and right is very very cost effective and even the most guaranteed way of marketing your business and profile online. It targets not just the audience but it is also a means of SEO. Links from directories are counted as related links. How? The directories are structured in categories. The articles which talk or deals with business is under the "Business" category. Which mean your article is in the right and the most related page.


Keep in mind that distribution and optimization of articles are not just the very important aspects of article marketing. The content you are writing and the services or sites you are promoting in your resource box also matters. Imagine, why would someone use your article which talks about Medicines when your link or promoted site in your resource box is a dating website.

Credibility matters! Be credible and get readers' attention.

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