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Tsunami Donations - Please Help Asia Recover and Save Lives

December 26, 2004, the world was in immense shock of the horrible thing that struck South Asia. Killer waves just came unexpectedly crushing and rumbling everything that was in its way. People ran, climbed, cried, and quite a number of them died. Not many were very lucky to climb tress, hold on to a post, or reach higher grounds and survived. As accounted, more than 160,000 deaths were recorded and the death toll is still increasing until now and what's worst is that most of the bodies get harder to identify as time passes by. And the people that survived are the ones suffering from the aftermaths of it all. They suffer the death of relatives, friends and families, they are also mourning the loss of their properties and the normalcy of what has been their lives.

The situation is totally out of this world and not a single person with a week heart can handle it. India needs more clean water to save lives, other nations need more food, medicines and other things are needed for the victims to survive. The nations that the killer waves unleashed its wrath are not rich. These nations couldn't to do much of what they have no matter how much they wanted to. Not to mention other nations with insurgencies blocking other humanitarian aids from coming in. Most of these nations have very high debts from other big and rich nations and even the interest of these debts alone is a scary figure.

They need my help, they need your help, and they need OUR help! A lot of us are online most of the time and have the capability to purchase on the web or if not a lot of us owns a site and operates an ezine.

Let's help! Act now; your $1 can go far than you could imagine. A single dollar coming from 100,000 people can generate $100,000 worth of donations. It means a lot, just give something you can and it would really mean a lot to them. Every one of us can help in anyway we can.

You don't need to donate if you can't. If you own a web site or operates an ezine. Send or post a few tsunami donation links for your users to see and be able to donate.

Here are some donation links:

  1. []


Your donation doesn't have to be a big amount; it just has to come from the heart.

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